WhatRocks Foundation™ established a token economy where consumers make donations paid by brands’ ad spending.


WhatRocks™ is a simple, systemic and self-sustaining solution to generate new streams of donations.



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It’s free*, with no credit card and no strings attached!

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More donations are critically needed

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Users make donations paid with brands' money

The youth would love to donate more to the causes they care about but they are just crunched for cash.

With WhatRocks™, brands reward them directly and personally by crediting their WhatRocks™ mobile wallet with Rocks™ for being exposed to their ads* on websites, mobile sites and mobile apps.

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Collect Rock™ donations

Any user can donate Rocks™ to your social organization by transferring Rocks™ in peer-to-peer from his wallet to your organization's wallet with no transaction fee.

You can then cash out by selling your organization's Rocks™ to brands who need to buy Rocks™ to reward users for being exposed to their ads.