WhatRocks Foundation builds an international community of engaged individuals, brands and non-profits taking action to fund social change.


Non-profit WhatRocks Foundation is on a mission to empower millennials financially so they can make donations to their non-profits of choice.



WhatRocks Foundation introduces WhatRocks™, the first social impact label for digital advertising.

In the WhatRocks™ community, brands reward users financially when they’re exposed to their WhatRocks™-labeled ads by crediting their personal WhatRocks™ wallet with blockchain tokens called Rocks™.

Users redeem their Rocks™ directly from their WhatRocks™ wallet to make donations to their non-profits of choice. They can also use their Rocks™ to buy tickets or promo codes to local events and parties: event organizers then donate their Rocks™ to their non-profits of choice.

The beneficiary non-profits that collect Rock™ donations fund their charitable activities by selling their Rocks™ for cash to brands that need to reward users exposed to their own WhatRocks™-labeled ads.

Account opening and transactions are free of charge* to keep donations untouched.

In other words, WhatRocks Foundation introduces a fundamental change of paradigm in the advertising industry by establishing a new exchange of value that financially acknowledges consumers as key stakeholders of the advertising value chain in their own right for the greater good.


*Excluding banking and blockchain operation and maintenance fees that are not earned by WhatRocks Foundation.