Rocks™ are blockchain tokens designed to reward users exposed to WhatRocks™-labeled ads so they can make donations to their social organizations of choice.


Rocks™ provide a trusted and secure solution to transfer money quickly with no intermediaries



Blockchain technology underpins Rocks™

Blockchain is a distributed ledger that stores information in blocks of data with cryptography. This revolutionary technology provides security, transparency, immutability, and auditability.

As Rocks™ are blockchain-based tokens that symbolize the money brands give you to donate, all stakeholders can transfer Rocks™ without any intermediary or centralized authority.

WhatRocks Foundation™ ecosystem EN (right).png

With WhatRocks™, brands reward consumers directly and personally with Rocks™ for being exposed to their ads so that consumers can donate Rocks™ directly to their social and environmental organizations of choice.


Brands have a vested interest in Rocks™

By rewarding consumers with Rocks™ for being exposed to their WhatRocks™-labeled ads, brands not only gain valuable reach by connecting with users they couldn't reach anymore by making ad blockers irrelevant.

They also develop consumer preference and reinforce brand affinity as they create a purposeful bond with their target consumers by empowering them financially to make donations.

With WhatRocks™, brands create simultaneously business value and social value.

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